About Romance Media

Romance Media is a digital publishing company and social media consultancy run by Jim and Christina Butcher. We always publish with our readers in mind. Romance Media is divided into three parts – Hair Romance, Nail Romance, and Mr and Mrs Romance, with a combined readership of 420,000+ unique visitors per month.

Hair Romance

Hair Romance

Hair Romance is a hair styling and beauty lifestyle site. Find out how to love your hair with free weekly tutorials and get your glow on with beauty tips.

Nail Romance

Nail Romance

Nail Romance is a site dedicated to nail art, polish trends and products. Learn what nail products are hot and what sites are leading the way in this trending industry.

Mr & Mrs Romance

Mr and Mrs Romance

Mr and Mrs Romance is a travel and lifestyle blog that celebrates romance in the everyday and on big adventures. Discover the world through our features, reviews and recipes, and get a sneak peek at what’s happening behind the scenes of Romance Media.

Digital Publishing

In addition to running these sites, Romance Media creates and publishes ebooks, offers business and blog consulting and a copywriting service.

Ebooks by us

Our business and blog consultancy

If you or your company needs guidance in the social media maze, we can help.

Christina lives and breathes blogging and all things social media, having spoken at a number of international conferences and forums on the topic. She has created many engaged communities through various social media platforms and loves the online space. One-on-one consulting via Skype or in person in Sydney is available.

Our copywriting, editing and proofreading service

Jim is a professional copywriter and writer. His love of the English language and knowledge of the written word makes him a go-to source for grammatical accuracy, style and engaging content.

If you need help with your site’s copy or you just need someone to double-check your company brochure or menu, get in touch with Jim here. Even if you just want to bemoan the misuse of the word ‘everyday’, Jim will lend you a sympathetic ear!